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Biomat accessories

There are a couple of products that Richway sells that are meant to compliment and enhance your Biomat experience.

The Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow and the Quantum Energy Pad will enhance your healing experience while using your Biomat.

Amethyst Pillow

Richway's Amethyst and Tourmaline Pillow allows your head to get the same effects the rest of your body gets while keeping your head off of the Biomat. At higher temperatures, the Biomat can make your head hot and uncomfortable without a pillow underneath it. The amethyst in the pillow allows the infrared therapy from the Biomat to still get to your head without laying your head directly on the Biomat. Tourmaline is a cooling agent and emits negative ions so you still get the negative ions to your head and keep your head cool and comfortable.

Amethyst Pillow
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  Quantum Energy Pad

Quantum Energy Pad

Amethyst Quantum Pads come in the sizes of the Richway Biomats: King, Queen, Single and Professional. They are meant to be placed over the Biomat to add healing power and it is made of eighteen layers. These 18 special substances take on strong negative electricity, so they play a role in returning the voltage in the body's cell membrane to normalcy. Quantum Pads also emit far infrared rays and negative ions like the Biomat.



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