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Pets Love the Mini Mat

Many have ordered Mini Mats because they love their pets. Dogs and cats love the natural healing of the Mini Mat. Just throw it on the floor or wherever your dog or cat likes to rest and they can get the same healing effects as you do from your Mini Mat. Infrared ray and negative ion therapy are good for animals too, and they love the gentle warmth. People who care about the longevity of their pets lives have found that Biomat treatments can revitalize their immune systems and boost their energy.*

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Give your pets the gift of good health

Pets are living organisms just like we are and the same principles apply to them using the Mini Mat as humans using it. Both dogs and cats love the warmth that the Mini Mat produces and the gentle soothing qualities that come with it.

When you allow your pets to use the Mini Mat, you are giving them the gift of good health. The infrared rays and negative ions that the Mini Mat produces stimulate their immune systems, making it harder for disease or sickness to take hold. Their metabolisms are then sped up which contributes to more energy and physical activity which is good for them just like it's good for us.*

Cats and dogs will naturally gravitate towards the Mini Mat if you place it in an area where they usually sleep or relax. Why not share the benefits of your Mini Mat with the pets you love?

Pets love the Mini Mat
Pets enjoy the biomat
Something you can enjoy together

The great thing about the Mini Mat is that you don't have to take turns on it. If you put it in a chair, couch or on the floor and sit on it with your pet in your lap, you can enjoy the healing benefits of the Mini Mat together. Or sit side by side on it length-wise. You don't have to give up your time on the Mini Mat in exchange for your pet's. You can both enjoy the soothing warmth together.

So what are you waiting for? Your pet deserves to live a healthy, long life. And with the help of the Richway Mini Mat, you can make that happen!


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