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Infrared Therapy

Infrared Therapy goes deep beyond your skin and because of this, it warms you from the inside out and stimulates all of our body's systems. Professionals in the medical and therapeutic fields have found that the infrared rays found in natural sunlight are generated in the Richway Biomat 7000mx through modern technology. Your muscles will relax and it will raise your body temperature , inducing a false fever. As it works to fight the fever, your body's immune system is energized. Toxins and wastes get eliminated and your resistance to disease is strengthened.*

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The Biomat and Infrared Therapy

The different reaction times experienced with use of the Biomat is directly related to the number of years those toxins have been left to accumulate and how much toxins have been consumed.

Occasionally, these people will feel a little sick before they feel better because of the many years toxins have accumulated. There will eventually be great improvement of the body as toxins are eliminated from each cell of the body. Even though this is a better way of improving your body's health, it will take time for some diseases, and, it can take one to two years for some toxins to be removed. Most people will notice the benefits of infrared therapy after a 20-30 minute session. Taking vitamins and drinking lots of water along with your Biomat session will enhance the benefits of those vitamins.

Mini Biomat
Mini Biomat
Infrared Therapy and Your Health

Metabolism: Infared therapy promotes the process by which a substance is assimilated, or eliminated, by the body. Far infrared rays speed up this process.
Blood Circulation: Infrared therapy promotes blood circulation which istengthens cells and eliminates waste materials and harmful fat.
Diabetes: Diabetes is caused by metabolic problems. it is very helpful to have. Infrared therapy causes perspiration wich may gradually ease these symptoms.*
Rheumatism: Inflammation of the joint similar to arthritis which causes severe pain in joints and muscles. The warm heat and infrared rays improve blood circulation, revializes old tissue and promotes enzymes.*
Menopause: When a female reaches 45-50 years of age, she usually gets symptoms such as feeling hot or cold, hypochondria, dizziness, headaches and anxiety. These symptoms can usually be relieved in a short period of time with a Biomat.*
Stress: Stress is huge reason millions of people die each year. Many diseases are the result of stress. In the opinion of some people in the medical world, up to 75% of all diseases are caused by stress. Stress can be greatly reduced, or eliminated, by using the Biomat. When we perspire and relax, a mental and physical feeling of well-being is experienced. Many beneficial effects include weight loss, improved skin, elimination of harmful minerals, energy, and you end up feeling refreshed.*



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