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Richway International has established itself as a company who really does care about your good health. Producing only a handful of products, Richway believes in quality, not quantity. It's banner product, the Biomat, has become world known and is becoming more and more accepted by the medical community as a healing and preventative health care device. Approved by the USFDA, the Biomat is becoming popular with professional sports teams as they recognize the benefits to their athletes.

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Richway's Mini Biomat

Richway knows that most people these days don't have the time to spend a lot of time watching out for their own health. With that in mind, Richway developed the Mini Biomat, or MiniMat for short. Lighter and smaller than any other Biomat, the Mini Mat is made for portability and ease of use. Use it when sitting at the office, on the couch at night, throw it on the floor and let the kids watch TV on it. Where ever you do use it, the Richway Mini Biomat will do what any Biomat does: provide an environment rich with negative ions and far infrared rays boosted by the amethyst on its topside, while including the cooling and calming effects of the Tourmaline.

The Mini Biomat is the only Biomat with Tourmaline, which is the only gemstone on the planet known to show permanent electricity. It is also, like Amethyst, a great producer of infrared rays and negative ions.

Mini Richway Biomat
Pope Benedict congratulates Richway on spreading good health
United Nations and Pope Benedict Recognize Richway

Recently, Richway International was recognized by the United Nations for enhancing health care. Once the U.N. was done recognizing Richway, Pope Benedict XVI blessed Richway with a benediction also recognizing Richway's contribution, with the Biomat, to improving health care.

More and more, Richway's Biomats are being recognized for their real healing power.

It's a medical fact that everyone has cancer cells and that when our body temperatures fall below 34 degrees Celsius, it provides ideal conditions for cancer cells to replicate. But when the body is heated one degree more, to 35 degrees Celsius, cancer cells are killed and cannot multiply. With the Richway Biomat, you can keep your body temperature above this dangerous threshold and prevent cancers of many varieties.*

So what are you waiting for? Get your Richway Biomat today.

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